85th Ohio Infantry

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This organization never reached the regimental point. It was recruited to the proportions of a battalion (four companies), and retained in Camp Chase (at Columbus) to aid in guarding the large number of Rebel prisoners in confinement there. Occasionally a company of it would be attached to some regimental organization and sent to the field. It is due to the officers and men of the Eighty-Fifth to say that they performed most arduous and valuable duty, and that they merited and received the commendations of both the Governor of the state, and of the United States authorities on duty at Camp Chase.
From: Ohio in the War. By Whitelaw Reid.

From Dyer's Compendium

85th Regiment Infantry. Organized at Camp Chase for three months' service May-June, 1862. Zinn's Battalion moved to Kentucky and participated in operations against Morgan July, 1862. Prison guard at Camp Chase, Ohio, till September. Zinn's Battalion moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, and participated in the operations for the defence of that city against Kirby Smith's threatened attack August-September. Mustered out September 23 and September 27, 1862. Lost during service by disease 10 Enlisted men.

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