1st Ohio Independent Cavalry Battalion

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From Dyer's Compendium

1st Independent Battalion Cavalry. Organization commenced as 7th Ohio Cavalry October, 1861. Consolidated with 6th Cavalry as a Battalion of four complete Companies December 1, 1861. Duty at Camp Dennison, Ohio, till February, 1862. Ordered to St. Louis, Mo. Battalion permanently detached from 6th Cavalry and designated 1st Independent Battalion Cavalry February, 1862. Ordered to Fort Leavenworth, Kan., April 4, 1862. March to Fort Laramie April 26-May 30. Assigned to duty along the North Platte and Sweetwater Rivers with Headquarters at Pacific Springs, N. T., and the South Pass. Engaged in guarding Overland Mail routes across the plains from Julesburg to Green River. Action at Upper Crossing, Sweetwater, N. T., November 24, 1862. Action at Platte River, N. T., April 17, 1863. Cheyenne Fork July 19, 1863. Designation changed to 11th Ohio Cavalry July, 1863 (which see).

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