11th Ohio Cavalry
Rocky Mountain Cavalry

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John Friend 11th O.V.C.


This Regiment was organized originally by Battalions, in connection with the 6th and 7th cavalry. The Battalion from the 7th was ordered to Missouri in the spring of 1862, and assigned to Indian warfare. It marched 700 miles in twenty-six days, to Fort Laramie, and went on severe duty in the mountains. In June and July another Battalion was organized, and the two denominated the 11th Ohio Cavalry, under Lieutenant Colonel Wm. O. Collins. The second Battalion served in the pursuit of John Hunt Morgan in Ohio, and then joined the First at Fort Laramie. The 11th Cavalry was the only Ohio organization in the Territories, and had 1,000 miles of country to picket. It had many battles with Indians and endured great privations, the severity of the winters freezing many men. The range of this Regiment embraced Nebraska, Dacotah, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, and it engaged the Snakes, Sioux, Cheyennes and other tribes of Indians. The 1st Battalion was mustered out April 1, 1865, and the remaining companies not until July, 1866.

From Dyer's Compendium

11th Regiment Cavalry. Organization commenced as 7th Ohio Cavalry October, 1861. Consolidated with 6th Cavalry as a Battalion of four complete Companies December 1, 1861. Duty at Camp Dennison, Ohio, till February, 1862. Ordered to St. Louis, Mo. Battalion permanently detached from 6th Cavalry, and designated 1st Independent Battalion Ohio Cavalry. Ordered to Fort Leavenworth, Kans., April 4, 1862. March to Fort Laramie April 26-May 30. Assigned to duty along the North Platte and Sweetwater Rivers with headquarters at Pacific Springs, N. T., and the South Pass. Engaged in guarding Overland Mail routes across the plains from Julesburg to Green River, June, 1862, to July, 1866. Action at Upper Crossing, Sweetwater, N. T., November 24, 1862. Another Battalion organized at Camp Dennison and Camp Chase, Ohio, June 26 to July 31, 1863, assigned and designation changed to 11th Regiment Cavalry, July, 1863. Action at Platte River, N. T., April 17, 1863. Cheyenne Fork July 19, 1863, and July 19, 1864. Deer Creek, Telegraph Station July 26. Operations against Indians in Nebraska August 11 to November 28, 1864. La Bonte Creek, I. T., August 14, 1864. Operations on North Platte February 2-18, 1865. Mud Springs, N. T., February 5 to 9, 1865. Rush Creek February 8-9. La Prelle, I. T., February 12. Poison Creek, I. T., March 8. LaBonte Creek, I. T., March 28. Sage Creek Station, D. T., April 6. LaPrelle Creek, I. T., April 21. Marshall Camp, I, T., April 23. Scout from Fort Laramie to Wind River, N. T., May 3-21. Skirmish at Sweetwater Station May 26. Operations on Platte and Sweetwater Rivers May 26-June 9 (Detachment). Skirmish St. Mary's Station May 27 (Detachment). Skirmishes at Sweetwater Station, N. T., May 28 and June 1. Dry Creek, I. T., June 3. Skirmish at Sage Creek, D. T., June 8 (Detachment). Platte Bridge, D. T., July 26. Tongue River, D. T., August 29. North Platte, D. T., September 15. 1st Battalion mustered out April 1, 1865. Regiment mustered out July 14, 1866. Regiment lost during service 3 Officers and 20 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 60 Enlisted men by disease. Total 84.

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