Ohio Civil War Stories
compiled by Larry Stevens

Regimental History Photo

The Norman Brothers of the 32nd and 78th Ohio Infantry
Letters of Captain R.W. Burt 76th Ohio Infantry
The Muster in of the 105th Ohio Infantry
"Old Flag" Speech by W.H. Gibson 49th Ohio Infantry
The Doctor, The Stallion and the Jack
The Flag of the Seventy-Eighth
Awkward Jack and His Chum
The 39th OVI and Major Noyes at New Madrid
Account of Battle of Lewisburg, W. Va. 1862
Columbia Still Burning
The 23rd Ohio's Musician
John M. Stewart Experiences 75th OVI
Dastardly Dancing
The 36th Ohio in Washington City
Iron Nerve of a Soldier
Fighting Chaplain of the 32nd Ohio
1st Arkansas Returns Flag of 76th Ohio
James M. Walker Battery A 1st Ohio Light Artillery
The Live Corpse
The Scout of the 116th Ohio Infantry
Colonel Given and the Bugs
Bliss Morse Letter
The 78th Ohio's Ox
111th OVI Reunion & Photo
30th OVI Letter
East vs. West
Dick's Conflagration
Captain Muller's "Eel" Breakfast
Appearances are Deceptive
Curly: The Dog of a Ohio Regiment
Emanuel Yeisley 76th OVI by Joanne Todd Rabun
The Affair on the Raymond Road. Published by James & Rebecca Drake
Diaries of Elias D. Moore 114th OVI by Raymond K. Moore
Narrow Escapes Ironton Register Civil War Articles. by Sheri K. Pettit
Isaac S. Sanderlin 100th OVI by Mark & Cyndi Howells
Diary of Osborn H. Oldroyd. Raymond, Miss. Published by James & Rebecca Drake
Civil War Journal of Andrew Jackson Nickell 114th OVI by Randy Nickell

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Copyright 1995- Larry Stevens