184th Ohio Infantry

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Organized and mustered in at Camp Chase, February 1st, 1865, 985 men, Henry S. Commager colonel; reported at Nashville, Tennessee; on garrison duty there, at Chattanooga, and at Edgefield and Bridgeport, Alabama; guarded railroad track between Chattanooga and Bridgeport; mustered out at Nashville, September 20, 1865, 861 men, Colonal Commager still commanding.

From: The Military History of Ohio. by H.H. Hardesty

From Dyer's Compendium

184th Regiment Infantry. Organized at Camp Chase, Ohio, and mustered in February 21, 1865. Left State for Nashville, Tenn., February 21; thence moved to Chattanooga and to Bridgeport, Ala., March 21. Guard railroad bridge over Tennessee River at Bridgeport, Ala., also railroad between Bridgeport, Ala., and Chattanooga, Tenn., with frequent skirmishing with Rebel Cavalry and guerrillas, March 21 to July 25. Garrison duty at Edgefield, Tenn., July 25 to September 20, 1865. Mustered out September 20, and discharged at Camp Chase, Ohio, September 27, 1865. Regiment lost during service 1 Enlisted man killed and 1 Officer and 58 Enlisted men by disease. Total 60.

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